AiRcast Modern

Compressors, "Remez" Since 1996, JSC "Remez" started to produce parts of piston compressors from Italian manufacturers. During the 6 years was passed complex and thorny path of a simple screwdriver assembly to the compressor manufacture screw compressor with an engine capacity up to 160 kW and a modern electronic system upravleniya.Iznachalno company aims to create an affordable and reliable modern equipment using parts of the world's best enterprise proizvoditeley.Imeyuscheesya modern imported equipment allows a wide range of receivers (air tanks) with a capacity of 20 to 500 liters and pressure to 1.6 MPa. Quality receivers, manufactured by the company since 2001, has been certified TUV (Germany). Reciprocating compressors are available with belt drive from the receivers with 50 … 500 hp electric motor and 1.5 to 15 kW (Capacity from 0.2 to 1.7 meV / min) at pressures up to 1.6 MPa.

These compressors are widely used in small factories, service stations, construction – anywhere that does not require a large air flow in a continuous mode. In the absence of power supply used mobile piston compressor capacities up to 0.8 m3/min and a pressure of 0.8 MPa with a gasoline engine, "Honda" (Japan). In reciprocating compressors used AiRcast brand new, compact and Powerful, cast iron head, which gives advantages such as long operating life, high performance, low noise level, the optimum cooling. Oil-injected screw compressors with air VC-cooled series is available in a wide range of motors from 5,5 to 160 kW (capacity from 0.5 to 26 m3/min) and the working pressure from 0.4 to 1.5 MPa.

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