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Please, pay attention to the story because what you’re going to discover between the lines can change the way they act and the results you get story tells that since long time ago, there was a very famous Sage. This Sage was recognized by all the people by their high knowledge and deep wisdom about life, wealth, happiness and success. For this reason, many people wanted to be APPRENTICED to this Sage. But the wise accepted only very few people as their apprentices in one of these occasions, a curious was the place where Sage was and told him that also wanted to be his apprentice. Told him that he was willing to do or pay you everything what the would. Didn’t care what they had to do, he wanted to have all this Sage wisdom, noting the boy who wanted to be his apprentice was approached to the and told him: this good boy, I will give you your first lesson, follow me! The wise.

Now along with his new apprentice, they lowered the mountain quickly and went to a river that was on the low mountain when they arrived at the river the Sage said to his Apprentice: dive into this river the apprentice, with a bit of distrust in the Sage is sembled at the River. And when the apprentice was inside the River, take the wise man by the neck and began to submerge and sink it into the River to try to choke it the apprentice was trying to leave the water with all their might to not drown. But while the apprentice was and dealt with more strength, the Sage was suffocating him with more and more strength every time and when the apprentice was on the verge of drowning, the wise sack it of water so that he could breathe. Once the apprentice could take a breath. I bother much with the Sage and said: Hey! Because did you do that?, do you perhaps tried to kill me? What the wise replied: No, not trying to kill you. It was simply giving you your first lesson. The lesson is: every thing that you do, every thing you want to learn, every project you do do it with the same ZEAL that you had while you were on the verge of losing their lives a few minutes ago I would say, everything you do, do it exactly the same motivation, with the same urgency that you had while you were drowning. THAT is the only way that anything you do will be well done.

The simple is not enough * desire * to be my apprentice. You have to learn by your own life, you need to develop an urgency to learn everything that I you transmit now, after completing the story. Do not you think this true to be applied also in your life? You need to develop an urge to achieve your goals, to fulfill your dreams and do everything that you do with so much eagerness as if you were at risk of death! Please apply this concept in your life and realize that you certainly need to develop this sense of urgency to achieve success. I invite you to investigate more about of Affiliate Marketing by which this may be your choice.

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