The adolescence is a crucial moment of the life of a man and constitutes the decisive stage of a deprendimento process that started with the birth. The psychological mofdificaes that produce in this period and that they are correlato of corporal modifications, takes to a new relation with the parents and the world. (FREITAS, 2002, P. 37) If on the other hand the young conquest autonomy in relation to the parents, on the other hand develops an attachment to the colleagues and friends, copying behaviors to be accepted in the group. Contact information is here: baby clothes. A unsafe adolescent, with low auto-esteem, the pressure of the friends will be more vulnerable and to the modismos and will be able to find in the drugs a form of integration and relief for the internal conflicts. As Nery Son and Towers (2002) both point that the friendship becomes a roster specifies in which the adolescent creates new affective bows thus establishing, one circulate social reduced and homogeneous where the young finds its proper identity in a process of social interaction. This phase is passenger, but it needs well to be managed by the family so that it does not produce adverse emotional effect for the adolescent. The parents need to perceive that the adolescence can very be a moment of conflict for the young. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Ronald O’Hanley.

They suffer with changes that occur in the body, in the emotional one and in the relationships. At the same time where if they do not identify more with the infantile world, them not yet they have access to the group of adults, many times the adolescents assume an adult position without being prepared psychologically to face the challenges and the difficulties of the new condition. Ahead of this situation it can search in the drugs a security alternative that he needs to face the adult world. 2.2 The relations in the familiar environment.

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