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A defender of the freedom, and another one of the totalitarianism (that already she had under his claw to more of the third part of the planet). The present one is a war santa caused by religious fundamentalists, whose hegemonic theocratic objectives are endorsed by extremists scattered in 52 Muslim countries, Europe and the rest of the orb. There are similarities between Islam and the Comunism. main and more frightful it is, than as well as the Soviet Union tried to conquer the world, the islamofascistas try to do the own thing. In the end, the Comunism drifted to itself because letter against the freedom, and with the radical Islam will happen equal. The traditional Socialism and the Islam do not admit the free will, but the individual freedom is not a constitutional right or religious, it is a natural right of all human being. If the Comunism delayed a century in falling almost, and still it has defenders. The religious fundamentalism is alienante, dangerous and difficult to fight.

The divine dye dogma is instilled like absolute truth, and can take millenia in attenuating themselves or extirpating themselves. The Corn is not susceptible to questionings. If it beams, do not send you to a Gulag, execute to you. Iraq is the point of the spear against the fanaticism, and the belief that it cannot have democratic and abiertas Muslim societies in the Middle East. The North American presence in the place, serves to have to the cornered radical islamists, and shot of tube, before they unfold by more places. George W.

Bush will not stand out by its charisma, but few politicians have their credentials. Graduated as Yale in History, he obtained a postgraduate of Harvard in Administration of Companies. He was the first governor of Texas in being reelected by two consecutive terms – the one catapulted that it to the presidency and is a reliable man, of solid principles. The worse error committed by the United States in its war with Iraq, was not to have eliminated Saddam Hussein in 1991, when it counted on the support of the UN and the Arab world. George Bush father, knew that the outcome would be chaotic and conflicting, and preferred to leave to the genocida tyrant in the power. The war in Iraq is an incomparable success. Every day the terrorist attacks fall, To the Qaida is besieged and in it disperses, the democracy begins to develop in an atmosphere where all the countries except Israel are dictatorships and, to follow in that causes, Iraq will be the initial example, of which the moderation and the freedom can be part of the Islamic life in the Middle East. George W., knew that this one would not be a easy war and nevertheless decided to face it, in spite of the unpopularity that was going to mean to him. That is to have anger, in a while in which the majority prefers hide-and-seek under the comfortable parasol of the pacifism, playing the upset humanism without principles.

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