Actually, What Is A Dental Implant?

An implant is an artificial tooth root that eliminates the non-visible, sitting in the bone area of a tooth information about implantology and dental implants. The components are only together with a second and third part to a complete artificial tooth. The implant in the bone is complemented by a connecting piece and the visible prosthesis (Crown, bridge or denture). The implant has a length between 10 and 16 mm, and a width of 3 to 6 mm (variations according to the implant manufacturers and system). Merging within several months with the jawbone, this process is called osseointegration of the implant body is often jawbone The primary stability is a prerequisite for the irregular healing, including is to understand that the implant to the good InterGrowth from the outset should tightly in the bone. This healing process is successful, a dental implant can absorb the high forces generated by the chewing load.

Implants made of titanium or titanium alloys are most made, it also zirconium oxide ceramics are used. These materials are very tolerant of tissue. About the connection problems of implants, the production of ceramic has an aesthetic advantage, a natural as dentures not to detect design is possible. On the subject of implantology, we recommend the website. This is an independent information pages on the subject of dental implants.

Here you will find information all around the implant very thoroughly and in an understandable form. A good and detailed expert advice can not be replaced as a result of course, but browsing can help patients who have to deal with the topic currently. Contact: Dr. Gregory Schlegel dentist St-driving-Strasse 20, 50667 Cologne Tel. 0221 2576067 press contact: Leif Heuser the dental practice of Dr. Gregory Schlegel at St. Aperschnalzen Street in Cologne is your specialist for aesthetic dentistry, implants and prophylaxis. Bad breath treatment, professional tooth cleaning (short: PTC), treatment Anxiety patients, grinders or snores belong to the range of services as well. There is also the individual care always in the foreground. Information about billing issues, medical and cost plans and partial payments get patients entirely without obligation and free of charge. Ultimately one counts in the dental practice of Dr. Gregory Schlegel: the trust of patients in the work of the dentist.

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