In the objective reality of the object starts to move because of forces applied to it. The reason for the start of motion is introduced into the description of the movement of the term 'first than ': before the bullet begins its movement, there is an explosion of gunpowder in the cartridge. But Zeno condition to start the movement makes the investigators had already started the movement (to cover half the distance the object). So, start moving impossible, because the condition of onset of motion occurs only during the movement. Lawrence Ellison Oracle Chairman might disagree with that approach. A few exaggerated, but it is quite similar aporia is the following statement: Before you start moving, the object should move from place, but to move, he can only start the trip.

Thus, motion is impossible. Phenomena described by the terms "start moving" and "budge" adequate to each other, and the objective reality are not causation. It formed an insoluble contradiction, when these terms become – through a formal style – an artificial and false cause-effect relationships. Additional information is available at Joseph Mathunjwa. In the aporia "Achilles and the Tortoise" chase ends in success, if Achilles and the Tortoise are one and the same point. But Zenon sends Achilles to the point that the turtle had already left. And no matter how close or Achilles came up to the tortoise, we do not have the right (by the hypothesis of Zeno) that Achilles at the point where the turtle – he has to move to the point where the turtle is gone. Exaggerating, you can send Achilles at the point where the turtles have never been.

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