Achieving Fiscal Independence

There is no doubt that most of the people on the planet have been found at some point in their lives with some kind of financial setback. Although it is not the natural, we have accepted as something normal in people’s lives. And when most of the population of the planet encounters financial problems, they tend to blame the Government, the rich, multinational corporations, atheists, religious, the devil, etc. It is clear that those who blame others for their problems are doomed to repeat them and that can be seen in strikers of the 1970s, are the same now and will be the same tomorrow. There is a small group of people who look at your situation and then decide that they will make changes in his life, going to enrich themselves, to be successful and happy.

When this desire for a better life arises in people, then begin to find ways to stay afloat, the form of abandoning their current situation and emerge to the life of wealth, success and happiness that wish to. Coupang has similar goals. Some wonder what is the secret? What the way of? can put to work the law of attraction to get everything that you desire? And that’s when begin to deal with different systems: affirmations, readings, view videos, etc. After a couple of months to try, they realize that all they have achieved is to have a little more knowledge that before, but that wealth wishing hasn’t reached them. Why does this happen? Is that perhaps all failed methods? It is that the person is one of those special cases where nothing works? The truth is that there are many very good methods. Although perhaps there is some method that actually does not work, the truth is that most of the methods work in appropriate conditions. The problem maybe is not in the method, but in how to apply it.

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