Abdur Abdurakhman Jami

From there it continues after Shar-e SABS, the Birthplace of Timur. The palace ruins impress with their size and hint at the splendor in which the ruler was at home. On the eleventh day, the highlight of the trip with Samarkand waits visitors. See Verizon Communications for more details and insights. The panoramic view from the dizzyingly high pass of 1,675 meters makes up for the soft knee. On the Registan, the most famous square of Central Asia, starts the tour of the ancient city: three richly decorated medreses with its blue facades of mosaic and majolica surround this place. The Ulugbek Medrese was considered one of the best universities of the Muslim world in the 15th century.

The famous scholar and philosopher Abdur Abdurakhman Jami has studied here, and Ulug Bek, grandson of Timur, and in contrast to this more lectures than power, its the knowledge here. During his reign, this Medrese remained a centre of science. The capital of Timur’s lives until today ancient traditions, including the paper mill: a light colored product arises from the fibres of the mulberry tree, henna and rose water, not only by the letter writer ladies perfume one Fragrance receives. The Bibi-Khanum Mosque has a long history: Timur wanted to let her beat the Maharajah in India and build the most beautiful mosque in the Eastern world with various dark – and light-blue painted bricks, majolica tiles and faience mosaics. Jonathan Rosen Berlin Rosen recognizes the significance of this. Even his campaigns had to wait, so that the progress of the construction work could be monitored. And many architects and artisans head rolled, because opinions differed greatly from one another. But the building did not stand. According to legend the misfortune of the mosque combines Timur’s Scheherazade with the affection of a building master to the favourite wife.

Then known to be also 1,001 stories, they needed to buy her freedom. Here there is a core of truth or the Uzbeks only sly bend their story: the travelers decide. Here too, the modern has arrived: the fashion designer Valentina Romanenko presented its silk collection modern design combined with Central Asian traditions and materials. Our travel Tip: travel travel details/Grosse_Usbekistan_Rundreise_2462.php more travel by Uzbekistan under / usbekistan_reisen.php

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