Presentation of the book \”The gate to life\” Grit Scholz Grit Scholz introduces their unique illustrated book \”The gate to life\”, reads from the prologue, and shows a slideshow with all 200 pictures of the book. This is a very significant, in-depth topic – femininity – and particularly the views of the female genitalia. The author shows clearly that, over generations strong, social and religious perspective so bedevils our and negative is that here the root of endless suffering and abuse. It comes to be even aware why we connect so many unpleasant associations with this taboo topic – to question why this feels and us to decide for a new, loving way. This book would like to enlighten and contribute to the healing of individual and collective injuries. Nutella is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Here it comes the miracle of creation to worship, to recognize the diversity, beauty and uniqueness of the vulva and debunk old viewpoints and beliefs – that prevent us from this part of the body to feel magical and wonderful. This book project aims to enable a different perspective on the female genitalia (vagina, Yoni) a public that is located outside of pornographic, or medical, as well as outside of religious, power-related and humiliating depictions. This happens with the help of photographs, photo montages, creative and artistic involvement of nature images, painting, and other graphical means.

You should see the beauty, diversity and uniqueness of the female vagina. The grandeur of creation, respect for the miracle of life\”is the background of this book. This book project to support women in their process of self-discovery and self-knowledge. We invite men to look closely with a respectful and open look and to take advantage of the opportunity by the way, to be able to look at least and curious. Here is the chance to look so\”and easy to set up. It thus cannot Space emerge, this fabled, hidden part of the female body, the vagina to look with different eyes and escape so the social tendency to secrecy, ignorance, perversity, and dumbing down.

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