1880 in Arkansas: A young girl and a Marshal looking for retribution Hamburg, 12.01.2011 / INPROMO / / February 2011 focuses on the smoking Colts and the uncompromising Sheriffs: matching Paramount Pictures brings to the remake of the classic, which starts on February 24 in the German cinemas, home entertainment the original True Grit of the Marshal on February 3 in razor-sharp quality as Blu-ray on the market. For a short time the available Blu-ray in addition limited edition in a high quality slipcase. The DVD at the same time will also appear in the new artwork. For True Grit, the Marshal John Wayne received the only Oscar * his successful career. John Wayne should have verdruckt as he accepted the award for best actor from Barbara Streisand in 1970, even a tear. In addition John Wayne won a Golden Globe as “Best actor” for his role in True Grit of the Marshal. The remake, which will start on February 24, 2011 in the German cinemas, was newly filmed by the Coen brothers. With Jeff Bridges (Big Lebowski, men who stare at goats) and Matt Damon (the informant!, departed under enemies) starring Western fans can look forward to a real all-star cast.

The relentlessness and toughness of the wild of West in the film by Henry Hathaway from the year 1969 John Wayne as a one-eyed US Marshal delivers a performance shine. Trinkfest, raubeinig, brave and always surly he plays Rooster Cogburn, rather used the Whiskey from the bottle as in the glass. The role of the wild curly villain “Moon” was filled with cult star Dennis Hopper. One day Cogburn is hired by a wayward young girl (Kim Darby), to find the man who killed her father and stole the family’s money. As to Cogburns client does not hold, let to accompany the old warhorse, the trouble is already programmed.

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